More Babies! Nurse-Family Partnership

Image via Wikipedia
Image via Wikipedia

To continue the baby theme and to remind myself–and all of you–about the good stuff of life and of nursing, I want to highlight the Nurse-Family Partnership Program. As they state on their website, the Nurse-Family Partnership Program “is an evidence-based community healthcare program that empowers low-income, first-time mothers to become confident parents and strong women by partnering with nurse home visits.” Based on independent research, for every public health dollar a community invests in the Nurse-Family Partnership Program, the community gets at least five dollars in return from savings in social services, criminal justice and healthcare costs. The program has now been adopted by over 400 countries and 29 states in the US–and is growing due to its wide-spread appeal and proven cost-effectiveness.

I have the good fortune of working with two local nurses involved with the Nurse Family Partnership in SeattleKing County. It should come as no surprise that they are some of the happiest and seemingly healthiest most grounded of all nurses. They always make my day and remind me of the good stuff of nursing.

Here’s a link to my favorite video of the Nurse-Family Partnership–from New York City. Healthy happy babies and moms and nurses! What’s not to like?

OK–the puppies snuck in here and the kittens are close behind….

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