Welcome to the Northwest Narrative Medicine Collaborative

This was sent to me today by Phillip Mitchell, a Seattle-area teacher of narrative medicine, in response to my blog post yesterday on my summer reading list with a health humanities/social justice slant. It looks to be a good start, although I’d love to see a widening to health humanities from the too-narrow gaze of narrative medicine. Plus, I’d love to see more of a nursing presence. Unfortunately for me their first conference is when I’ll be in Seville presenting at the International Health Humanities Network annual conference.


We are a diverse group of professionals, physicians, instructors, writers, artists, care givers and patients who have joined together in a grass roots effort. Our passion is to engage in conversation, create a community and explore narrative as it pertains to health, illness and care taking. Learn more.

We are excited to launch our website. Stay tuned for more information and SAVE THE DATE for:

The Northwest Narrative Medicine Collaborative,

the OHSU Provost’s Office and OHSU WRITEs present

1st Annual

Northwest Narrative Medicine Conference

September 16-18, 2016


Never before has the Pacific Northwest engaged in a Narrative Medicine Conference. This conference is our first endeavor to connect a community which includes all who are drawn to story, art and writing as it is impacted by wellness, health and illness.Learn more.


Source: Welcome to the Northwest Narrative Medicine Collaborative

3 thoughts on “Welcome to the Northwest Narrative Medicine Collaborative

  1. Greetings!

    Enjoyed your latest blog with the mention of Narrative Medicine. I’m a 2012 grad of the program and I agree with your sentiments.

    I’ve worked with nurses for over a decade and, hearing and feeling as though the word “medicine” turned off nurses to the work, I created:


    I received a 2014/15 fellowship from the program to create the site which is still a work in progress. I teach a Narrative Nursing workshop to my keynote clients, babystepping nurses into expressive writing as a therapeutic resource for compassion fatigue and burnout. I’m currently working on a book titled “Narrative Nursing” which, I hope, may be out in 12 months.

    I’m starting to do a little teaching on the undergrad level, but I’m far from an academic. And further from a nurse. I’m wondering if I may be able to pick your brain a bit? I’ll be in Seattle June 8-10. If you are local, perhaps we could meet for coffee or a drink after work?

    Marcus Engel




    Providing Insight and Strategies for Excellent Patient Care


    1. Hi Marcus,
      Thanks for your note and for your work in narrative nursing. Le’t plan to meet for coffee when you’re in Seattle in a few weeks. Probably best to e-mail me at my UW email address (on my profile) and we can find a good day/time/place.


  2. Hello, All–
    Thank you for this opportunity to connect, and for news of the 1st Annual Northwest Narrative Medicine Collaborative. I’m Portland-based, but teaching at Oregon State University in the Medical Humanities undergraduate certificate program, where we offer courses in narrative medicine, medical anthropology, and bioethics. We are one of the feeder-schools for OHSU and other regional medical universities. I hope to meet members of this network at the conference in September., and look forward to opportunities for collaboration.
    All best,
    Anita Helle
    Professor of English/founding director, School of Writing, Literature, and Film ahelle@oregonstate.edu


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