ABCs for the New Year

IMG_3911A is for anger. It is necessary.

B is for brooding.

C is for chaos. It is necessary.

D is for deliver us from all things evil.

E is for everything good in the world.

F is for framing (and re-framing) the issue.

G is for grace. It is necessary.

H is for happenstance.

I is for a return to the improper first person because that is who we are.

J is for jerry-built or jury-rigged because that is what the journey of life requires.

K-L-M-N-O-P is for “keep learning more nonsense or perish.”

Q is for questioning. Everything.

R is for rest. It is necessary.

S is for solitude. It is necessary.

T-U-V is for the undoing of violence. Everywhere.

W is for “we may overcome some day if we work together.”

X is for xystus, that shaded walkway lined with trees where philosophical conversations       are likely to occur. And a word which gave me an excuse to consult the OED.

Y is for yes and for everything that is infinite.

Z is for a zeal for life and for all things social justice.

Now I know my ABCs (for the New Year resolutions), won’t you write your own?

One thought on “ABCs for the New Year

  1. T is for thoughtful- your ABC’s, Josephine.
    R is for Rebel in the ‘Home’ …my story about my dad’s eleven years in the nursing home. It is finally published!
    I will work on the rest:)


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