COVID-19 Health Inequities

So proud of our University of Washington nursing students for using their talents and experiences to speak out on important health policy current event issues. This is just one of the student group digital storytelling health policy videos they produced for my spring quarter 2020 healthcare systems course. They consented to me sharing it. I will share additional health policy student-produced videos in future posts. This one is especially relevant to the current outcry across our country about racism, hate crimes, and police violence against black and brown people.

3 thoughts on “COVID-19 Health Inequities

  1. Thank you for sharing this, and for your students’ work – I plan to distribute it across my personal and professional social feeds. I’d be very much interested in future digital storytelling videos of this nature, so please do keep forwarding the videos or related links.


    1. Thanks for your note and for sharing this video. I will be uploading additional student health policy/storytelling videos in a post within the next few days. Obviously, I seek and obtain permission to share from all the students before I do so.

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