Nurses: Please Vote

Nurses in the United States: Please do not sit this election out. Do your duty as an American citizen and as a nurse. Make informed decisions about candidates and issues and cast your ballot (just once, that is—don’t listen to our current president, silly man that he is, only vote once, whether it is by mail or in person or via e-mail for oversees folks). Voting is always important and is a sacred civic duty. This year, it is especially crucial for the health and future of our country. And do whatever you can to encourage and enable other people to vote, including your patients and your community members.

If you happen to be a nurse educator as I am, remember that you can and should provide course content on the importance of political knowledge and advocacy for nursing. It seems to be a common misperception among nurse educators that political content is somehow a no-no and that it can get them in trouble with their employers. Providing non-partisan information on being an informed voter is never a no-no. And, our nursing students need to be exposed to nursing faculty and other mentors who are politically engaged—including nurses who run for political office at the local, state, and national levels. A great non-partisan resource is the All In Campus Democracy Challenge. Check to see if your college/university has signed on to this challenge and what resources and activities you can tap into.

In just a few weeks, I will cast my ballot here in Seattle, King County, Washington. I am proud of our state and county for ensuring that our elections are safe and open to every eligible voter, no matter their race/ethnicity, country of origin, language, able-ness, and political affiliation. I am proud to be part of the grassroots Nurses for Biden-Harris group, working to promote information on the reasons why nurses should strongly consider voting for the Biden-Harris ticket: compassion, faith, resilience, empathy, kindness, humility, joy, respect, inclusion, and dignity. Those are the core values of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. They also happen to be core values and part of the Nursing Code of Ethics of the American Nursing Association.

3 thoughts on “Nurses: Please Vote

  1. Your post is nauseating, offensive and disgusting to me. It was clear to me in nursing school that the textbook authors and instructors have take a giant step to the left toward socialism and socialized medicine. You’re garnering the support of the kids coming through here, but not people old enough to know better. I’m a strong supporter of limited, conservative government, the one that made us the greatest nation in the world, the one that millions are beating down the door to enter and be a part of. As I write this, I’m fully aware of the culture from which it originates and that the majority of readers will be liberal nurses that reject my values. That’s okay.

    It is likely, in light of the history of mankind, you will continue to devolve us into a nation that loses all freedom and returns us to the tyranny from which we were liberated. And you’re accomplishing your goals through the educational system. But while you may win, there will be voices like mine that call out your bias and desire for control. In my opinion, the moral voice you’ve had in the textbooks is morally reprehensible. The removal of entire chapters on sexual deviance is an example. Your support for ObamaCare saturates the pages. Your endorsement of abortion is repugnant… a moral failure for which God will judge us harshly… the blood of 60 million babies cries out from the ground. You think God doesn’t hear? He sees, hears and knows.

    And even if the aforementioned failures aren’t embraced by you personally, the liberal agenda of the democrat party DOES and you’re promoting it. Shame on you, this is so wrong. You say this blue ticket represents: “compassion, faith, resilience, empathy, kindness, humility, joy, respect, inclusion, and dignity.” No they don’t. They are the antithesis of these values. Ask the babies.

    As a nurse, I can’t wait to go to the polls and stand for true compassion, faith, resilience, empathy, kindness, humility, joy, respect, inclusion, and dignity. I’m voting RED. I’m voting with the babies that hope nurses will NOT participate in their murders, then allow them to grow up in a nation where you have the freedom to become whatever you want.


  2. You want us nurses to have the kind of government you have out there in Washington State? In Seattle? Lawlessness, anarchy, burning, murder, violence…? That’s what you’re type of government leads to. No thanks. In fact, every liberal city / region with democrat government has the same type of violence and lawlessness. Nurses are supposed to put SAFETY first.. Liberal agendas can’t deliver peace through strength – only violence, destruction and danger. Keep it out there in Washington.


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