Housing First, Historical Land Use, and Exclusionary Housing Policies in Seattle

Source: Seattle Municipal Archives, “Numbers and distribution of shacks by census tract, Seattle, WA”

Here are my latest two brief (5-minute) educational videos that are part of my Skid Road project and linked with my forthcoming book, Skid Road: On the Frontier of Health and Homelessness in an American City. “Ark of Refuge” is about the Housing First model of care, how Seattle has been a leader in the implementation of this model, and about the historical (and colorful) figure of Dr. Alexander de Soto and the Wayside Mission Hospital. “Shacktown” is about Seattle’s longstanding lack of safe, affordable housing and how homelessness here is tied to our city’s historical land use, municipal zoning laws, and exclusionary and racist housing policies. Please share them widely and consider using them in your own teaching and/or advocacy work.

Ark of Refuge

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