TSA Trauma and Fake Boobs

Juneau, Alaska
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Alaska Rep. Sharon Cissna took to the seas in order to return to Juneau, Alaska rather than be humiliated and traumatized by our (un)-friendly TSA Seattle-Tacoma Airport screeners. If you missed that piece of news this week, Rep. Cissna was here in Seattle for medical care, she has a mastectomy and has ‘failed’ the full body airport scanners because of this in the past and has to have her breast prosthesis groped instead. “I would require invasive, probing hands of a stranger over my body. Memories of violation would consume my thoughts again.” So this time she took a stand, “I repeatedly said I would not allow the feeling up and I would not use the transportation mode that required it,” she left the airport and is taking the slow boat to Alaska. She has been a long-time advocate for the rights of assault victims. “The very last thing an assault victim or molested person can deal with is yet more trauma and the groping of strangers, the hands of government ‘safety policy.’ For these people, as well as myself, I refuse to submit.”

You go girl!

But I despair. The TSA gropers have arrived in my hometown airport. I thought they would stay in Richmond, Virginia where I have been groped before (see “Annual check up by TSA post December 28, 2010). I forgot to mention in that post that the very same day the TSA groping incident happened, I was hit up for coffee and a date by a TSA male agent at Sea-Tac airport. He was groping my new Mac Air at the time, and at first I thought all of the personal questions were part of some strange new psychological screening tactics they had been taught. But he seriously wanted my phone number and wanted to take me for a coffee at his next break. I was glad that Gary Ridgeway, the Green River Killer was still locked up nearby—this guy creeped me out, and talk about abuse of power. So I was groped and hit on by TSA airport screeners in two different airports all on the same day. You gotta love this country.

I can’t help but remember at least two Seattle-area patients I’ve had who were TSA employees and who both had documented IQs in the low 80s. Gary Ridgeway’s IQ is 84 (he’s the Green River Killer in case you missed that). I’m not implying that TSA screeners are potential serial killers, nor am I saying that all TSA screeners are plain stupid, but it doesn’t engender confidence in their system.

I am heartened by news (Elliot.org and Huffingpost) that TSA agents are being refused service at a Sea-Tac airport café. Perhaps that seems harsh: people need jobs and all of that, but I am glad that more people seem to be fighting back on this insanity.

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